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The Grey Nomad - The Western Isles

To continue my travels about the British Isles I went to visit a good friend of mine on the Isle of Lewis. The Isle of Lewis is part of the Outer Hebrides, so it gave me a chance to explore the Western Isles as well.

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I am an embroiderer and I met Dawn, my colleague and friend, when studying for the City and Guild's certificates. Our friendship has lasted for many years, so when she and her husband bought a croft on the Isle of Lewis, taking up a new life, I was thrilled to be invited for a visit. Dawn and her husband bought the croft on Lewis and have refurbished their bungalow. Her husband is a weaver.

It was a wonderful visit. These are truly the islands on the edge of time. The Outer Hebrides. The hills of the Land of Dreams.

I have divided my trip into a number of steps to break up the journey.

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